Infused Pickle Juice Pops by Chef Brooke Egger

420 Guide, Edibles

Here’s a refreshing, healthy popsicle to take the edge off the dog days of summer.

1 cup Dill Pickle Juice.
1 cup Distilled Water
½ cup Cornichon or Gherkin Juice
2 tablespoons sweetener of choice, I used infused agave
8 Cornichons or Gherkins for sticks

Add the water and pickle juices to a saucepan and boil three times.

After each time, let the water cool and boil again for clarity. Usually this process clarifies the pickle juice water mixture so that the popsicles are as clear as possible.

Stick Cornichons on popsicle sticks, one per stick if small, and freeze.

Add the sweetener to slightly cooled pickle juice and stir to dissolve.

Pour liquid into each popsicle mold, reserving slight amount of space for sticks.

Add pickle sticks to each receptacle in the mold.

Freeze for 24 hours.

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