Month: December 2019

Fire Up Your Intuition

It Begins Within… Are you experiencing worry, fear or anxiety? Wondering what steps to take, which direction to go? Or perhaps your relationships are problematic? Finding your center and remaining positive amidst personal chaos may be challenging. Without your spiritual-moral compass, it’s easy to fall prey to these negative emotions and lose your way. Fortunately,…
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Women Blazing a Trail

The THC Girls – Industry Influencers with Flare! The cannabis movement is coming to a town near you… And unlike the dawn of a new industry being driven by dudes…it will be women that will lead us to America’s “Weed Wonderland” of health and prosperity. The national average of female executives is only 22% across…
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Queen of Quality: State Series – California

Because You Deserve Quality Cannabis! Aloft will be championing quality in the cannabis industry.  Antoinette Duncan, The Queen of Quality, will be headlining our campaign for clean cannabis consumption.  Check her out and if you are an advocate of quality, too, share your story with us in the comments. “Go West, Young Man…” Like…
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“Turned Up” Turkey Sliders

You’ve Never Had Thanksgiving Leftovers Like This Before! Thanksgiving is finally over. Your annoying family is gone – but what remains are the Turkey Day leftovers, and for the next week your appetite is reluctant to reenact Thursday’s menu. This recipe is a really simple way to “turn up” those holiday dinner castaways. Best part…
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